Zabbix Clear Database

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Jul 16, 2014. My Zabbix database size increased a lot in the last few months and since my disk was running out space, I decided to clean up the old events. Zabbix SQL repo. This repo contains a few useful queries for Zabbix database, mostly to cleanup old and/or orphaned data. Important notes

Nov 24, 2014. A few years ago, I wrote a couple of SQL queries that I put onto Github to clean up a Zabbix database. It'll take items, triggers, events etc. that.

This repo contains a few useful queries to cleanup old orphaned data in a Zabbix database. While Zabbix does Housekeeping, it does not clear orphaned data.

zabbix-orphaned-data-cleanup – Cleanup script for orphaned data in a Zabbix Database Remove Duplicate Rows In Excel Delete Duplicate Records Without Using Subquery Nov 11, 2008. So is deleting multiple duplicate rows in mysql without deleting the first. Turns out, it is with subqueries, a MySQL feature available since the. Data Domain Deduplication Remove Blanks Data Validation List Hello everybody, Last week I had to make a report, but I needed some

Help on cleaning up the database Zabbix Help. clear history and trends for all disabled items The question is – how do I perform 3) and 4).

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Jan 16, 2017. Few posts on the internet about this but quickest way i found of deleting old data below. Save the below code as.sql and run from the server.

How to reset statistics on Zabbix Zabbix. Hostname >> Put checkmarks in each template for the host and select Unlink and Clear" that should reset the data.

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Cleaning up Zabbix database | Huyabbix – Mar 22, 2014. Zabbix database can grow quite considerably over time. Expecially if you use default templates where many items are checked at interval of 30.

My Zabbix database size increased a lot in the last few months and since my disk was running out space, I decided to clean up the old events from the database.