Sas Clear Dataset

Programming Tricks For Reducing Storage And Work Space Curtis A. Smith, all of the variables in the source SAS data set. So delete those

Hi can anyone let me know how to clear variable values during a SAS session without closing the session. Thanks and Regards Yuvraj

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Aug 9, 2015. A SAS Macro for deleting variables with only missing values. wants to drop all variables from a SAS dataset, whose values are all missing.

SAS will automatically write to any data set created by a data step all variables in the input data set(s) plus all new variables created in the data step. If you don't.

sas – Deleting all datasets in a library – Stack Overflow – This probably has a really simple answer. How would I go about deleting all the datasets in a library? I did something like proc datasets library=lib; delete _all_.

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SAS & Statistics: Remove formats/informats/labels from a SAS dataset – Sep 3, 2009. Remove formats/informats/labels from a SAS dataset. data demo; set demo; attrib _all_ label=''; *remove labels; format _all_; *remove formats;

In Base SAS you can use the DATASETS procedure to determine the SAS data sets in a library, and you can use the DELETE statement to delete data sets. Did you know.