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This article provides practical examples for 50 most frequently used commands in Linux / UNIX. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but this shou

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Check out my other tutorials on the Unix Page, and my. Check my blog Table of Contents. C shell problems; Quoting long strings, $ and ! The ad hoc parser

Apr 7, 2015. So repeated lines will be sorted together but in the order they appeared. The results are piped to. shuf _1 | sed 'N;s/n/ /' > _11. (the following.

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Unix Toolbox – – A collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users.

USEFUL ONE-LINE SCRIPTS FOR SED (Unix stream editor) Dec. 29, 2005. n 1$/!P; D' # delete duplicate, nonconsecutive lines from a file. Beware not to.

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Input: Code: hello hello hello hello monkey donkey hello hello drink dance drink Output should be: Code: hello hello monkey donkey drink.