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. files or logfiles. Infos. Opendedup:; Source code on GitHub:. Installation on Windows:; SDFS download:.

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Opendedup – Freecode – Mar 20, 2010. Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem and block device designed to provide. Download. Check it at

Take a look at the quick start guide and then download the SDFS binaries. YourKit is kindly supporting Opendedup by providing its full-featured Java Profiler free of chanrge. License: GNU GPL v2; 112 stars; svn-based source control.

Deduplication Based Filesystem. Contribute to sdfs development by creating.

OpenDedup – Opensource Dedupe to Cloud and Local Storage – OpenDedupe has even Developed and Qualified an OST connector for Netbackup with. SDFS is available on GitHub and the source is downloadable here.