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Jul 3, 2016. Description: Deduplication file system from Opendedup. Upstream URL: http:// Licenses: GPL2. Submitter: DarkShadow44.

The most current version is 3.5.7 Ubuntu Linux (Intel 64bit) Required: Quickstart Guide : here SDFS Binaries : sdfs_3.5.7.1_amd64 Redhat Linux (Intel 64bit) Required.

Architecture for a Deduplicated Archival Store: Part 2 | The Pseudo. – Jun 15, 2013. Software like OpenDedup have implemented FuSE based file systems however they only deal with the simpler fixed-length chunking approach.

See figure: 'Table 6: Evaluation of Ext4, LessFS and Opendedup with DEDISbench. ' from publication 'DEDISbench: A Benchmark for Deduplicated Storage.

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Open Source Deduplication For Linux With Opendedup – Slashdot – Mar 27, 2010. Login; or; Sign up. Opendedup runs in user space, making it platform independent, easier to scale and cluster, and it can integrate with other user space. Submission: Opendedup: Open Source Deduplication for Linux.