Mysql Remove Duplicate Rows From Table Without Primary Key

Remove Duplicate Rows Query Provides an example to demonstrate the method of removing duplicate rows. The col1/col2 values are taken from the above GROUP BY query result. What is the best way to remove duplicate rows from a fairly large table (i.e. 300,000+ rows)? The rows of course will not be perfect duplicates because of the. Important. This operation

Oct 6, 2004. Also see How to remove duplicate rows from a table – Microsoft. 2006; MySQL FULLTEXT Indexing and Searching – September 29, 2005. in the duplicate rows, kinda like (select * from table GROUP BY id HAVING ( COUNT(id) > 1 )). WITHOUT dropping everything around in how-ever-many tables?

Is there a way to remove duplicate rows from a table that does not have a primary key leaving one copy of the row without comparing each

Aug 14, 2013. This tutorial shows several ways of removing duplicates in MySQL that may fit. Although we have primary key on the “id” attribute, we might have duplicates in. Here we use the “multiple-table DELETE” to remove rows from.

Eliminating Duplicate Rows with DISTINCT | SQL Visual QuickStart. – Jan 5, 2009. The DISTINCT keyword eliminates duplicate rows from a result. To eliminate duplicate rows: Type:. If a table has a properly defined primary key, SELECT DISTINCT * FROM table; and SELECT. PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide, 4th Edition; By Larry Ullman; Book $35.99.

The one thing that primary, unique, and foreign keys all have in common is the fact that each type of key can consist of more than just one column from a given table.

Dec 27, 2006. How do I remove duplicate data or rows from a MySQL query?. is need to remove duplicate rows of table that does not contain primary key:.

Jun 24, 2010. Deleting duplicate rows from tables is one of the common task oracle developers come across. The data might get duplicated because of missing primary/unique key on the table. tbl_test1 TO tbl_test; — your original table without duplicates. Fetch Random rows from Database (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL,

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