Mysql Delete Duplicate Records But Keep One

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Sep 16, 2011. I am trying to delete all the duplicates but keeping single record only. It was slow for me on a table that had 1.5million rows (properly. (0.00 sec) Records: 15 Duplicates: 0 Warnings: 0 mysql> SELECT. IDs 8-10 have [email protected], but only 8 was preserved. Though that query is simple one. But I.

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fdupes is a Linux utility for identifying or deleting duplicate files in the given set of directories and sub-directories. It recognize duplicates by comparing

May 24, 2011. So, we need to find all repeated emails and delete all of them, but the. Then, from this dataset, we need to find the latest id for each one of.

Opendedup Open Source Take a look at a new use-case study for open-source deduplication. Why Backup the Same File Several Times? The Benefits of Open Source Deduplication Data deduplication compresses all your redundant data so you can minimize your. SDFS if licensed under GPLv2. This means the its free to use and update as needed. SDFS is available

MySQL Commands List – gieson – The ultimate web site music player. MySQL Commands List. Here you will find a collection of basic MySQL statements that should prove useful for basic CRUDS.

Mar 21, 2013. DELETE a FROM tableA a LEFT JOIN ( SELECT MIN(ID) ID, Name, Phone FROM TableA GROUP BY Name, Phone ) b ON a.ID = b.ID AND a.

Delete duplicates from `MySQL` and keep single record – Stack. – Dec 9, 2011. The only difference between this one and paulsm4's answer that the faq/howto-removing-eliminating-duplicates-from-a-mysql-table/.

mysql – How do I delete duplicate rows and keep the first row. – May 23, 2011. Backup your data, then. MySQL supports JOINs in DELETE statements. If you want to keep the first of the duplicates: DELETE a FROM.

How to fix: MySQL Duplicate entry for key PRIMARY on Auto_Increment Programming

Question: How do you delete duplicate rows in a table and still maintain one copy of the duplicate? Answer: There are a couple of ways of doing this and approaches.