How To Delete Duplicate Records In Oracle Without Primary Key

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Is there a way to remove duplicate rows from a table that does not have a primary key leaving one copy of the row without comparing each

Jul 21, 2017. This includes the rows without duplicates. To return just the. delete. A good example of this is an id column which is the table's primary key.

Partitioned Primary Index is one of the unique features of Teradata, which allows access of portion of data of large table. This reduces the overhead of scanning the.

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Delete duplicate rows from Oracle tables – Burleson Consulting – Removing duplicate rows from Oracle tables with SQL can be very tricky, and. While many Oracle DBA place primary key referential integrity constraints on a.

Jan 27, 2007. suppose if it is emp table which is having duplicate records.delete from. We can use RowID if you are not having any primary key for column.

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