How To Clear Kodi Data On Pc

Best you can get Kodi (XBMC) Installation & Configuration Page is a Guide to installation and configuration with repositories, and add-ons

Deduplication Vs Compression Database Deduplication vs compression – We have it on Downloadsearch – Deduplication vs compression Look no further. Check it here This kind of deduplication is sometimes called file-level deduplication or. Also, compression doesn't get rid of duplicated data — the storage system could still. Excel Delete Duplicates Keep First How to delete duplicates, but keep the

Apr 1, 2017. Browse this page for solutions to remove Kodi from your PC. You would have a clear understanding about how to correctly uninstall programs.

And some want to know how to clear the addons cache of Kodi. Regular Steps to Remove Kodi on Your PC. Leave the option box unchecked to keep the folder which contains Kodi's settings and library data for later use, and click Uninstall.

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Just wondering if anyone had any idea on how you clear the data from kodi I've looked in settings and maintenance but no option there,only to.

BEST METHOD TO WIPE KODI CLEAR DATA FRESH START. August 14, 2016 0. 7 – Azulle Mini PC Stick – 8 – T8 MINI –

Kodi Cache Full : How To Fix? [2017] – Cache-It is basically a temporary data that is put away on a gadget with the goal that it can get the information quicker than you. Types of KODI cache: