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The Basics of Deduplication: Data Type, Chunk Size, Source/Target. – Feb 26, 2014. Additionally, the deduplication algorithm and its implementation affect both how the duplicate chunks are stored and later how they are restored.

Feb 9, 2013. Hash based data de-duplication methods use a hashing algorithm to identify. While the variable block deduplication may yield slightly better.

duplicacy/ at master · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub – The variable-size chunking algorithm, also called Content-Defined Chunking, What is novel about lock-free deduplication is the absence of a centralized.

Data Deduplication Iso Files Single-instance storage – Wikipedia – Single-instance storage (SIS) is a system's ability to keep one copy of content that multiple users or computers share. It is a means to eliminate data duplication and to increase efficiency. SIS is frequently implemented in file systems, e-mail server software, data. ISO CD/DVD image files can be optimized to

Jan 4, 2012. Is there any free dedup software out there that is ready for customer deployment?. In anycase, most deduplication algorithms are going to do.

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