Clear Browsing Data Android Phone

Sep 24, 2015. History on Android? 1. Open your browser on the phone or tablet. 2. the " Clear history". 6. Tap on "OK" button to clear your browsing history.

How to view and clear browsing history on. – Aug 02, 2013  · How to delete internet history google chrome Clear History Fast Deleting Google Chrome’s Browsing History How to delete history in google chrome How to.

At the top of the window, you’ll see a large button labeled Clear Browsing Data. Click on it. Now you can decide exactly what data you want to delete.

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Dec 20, 2016. You can delete your internet or browsing history using Settings on the phone. Depending upon which version of Android you are using and.

Dec 5, 2016. How to Clear Your Google Search History on Android. Open a browser window and navigate to, which will. It doesn't matter if you've searched on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone—these options.

How to Clear Browsing Data in Chrome for iPhone or iPod Touch Free space and recover privacy by deleting saved browsing data