Clean Data With Power Query

Version compatibility between Power Pivot Data Models. – Learn more about version compatibility between the new Data Model in Excel 2013 and previous versions from the Power Pivot for Excel add-ins. You can also review.

Aug 10, 2015. Basically this tool is a fancy Excel workbook that allows you to easily clean up your Power Query code and insert it back into your Excel.

Combining two queries in Power Query or in Power BI is one of the most basic and also essential tasks that you would need to do in most of data preparation scenarios.

Electric Power – Mass.Gov – Contains electric market data as well as electric deregulation information. Learn about restructuring, service and suppliers.

M Is for (Data) Monkey: A Guide to the M Language in Excel Power Query [Ken Puls, A LOT of time automating the transforming, cleaning, & loading of data.

Use Excel’s Get & Transform (Power Query) experience to add new columns of data in the Query Editor by simply providing one or more sample values for your new column.

Excel Matching Data Between Two Columns Feb 6, 2013. The key difference between using VLOOKUP MATCH versus the basic. VLOOKUP and MATCH are the two formulas that are combined to. For example , if you were to append one or two columns to the right of your data set, Use VLookup in Excel when you want to cross-reference two lists of

Jul 13, 2017. Microsoft wants us to use Power Query, and constantly adding easier ways to clean up crappy data is a huge hook in the subscription model.

Aug 21, 2015. Power Query offers many ways to get data to Excel. One of them is to Web Data. Column 3.2 needs further cleaning. We need to remove the.

Hi Taner, Thanks for your interest. Doing the whole process took me 10 mins approximately. Most of the time was importing the data (~ 5min), then changing the data.