Clean Data When Browser Close In Javascript

Dec 7, 2015. This is, tragically, not a simple problem to solve. But it can be done. The answer below is amalgamated from many different SO answers.

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jquery – Remove localStorage on closing browser javascript – Stack. – Sep 5, 2013. sessionStorage is cleared automatically when the browser is closed. If you are looking to store some data that you will be using only for that.

Jun 17, 2014. If you could get the browser to (reliably) notify the server that the user had closed the window, then the server could call session.invalidate() as.

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Why won't chrome automatically clear browsing data after closing?. sites when I choose "clear all cookies and site data when closing my browser"?. There's also the click and clean extension that Mixe provided above. is no magical way to make it load faster other than caching the images, JavaScript.

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after login when user closes the website by closing the browser tab and not by logging out. You can delete cookies using javascript.