Clean Data In Tableau

May 27, 2016. As part of #SpringDataCleaning month, we hosted a live webinar on some of the data-preparation and data-cleaning features of Tableau.

Tableau can work with a number of different data sources, depending on the. need to manually clean your spreadsheet or use Tableau's Data Interpreter.

How do I look at my data to clean it in Tableau? |Tableau. – I have a.csv file too big for Excel so I need to clean it up in Tableau, but I can't figure out how to do it. I don't need to visualize anything yet, I just want to.

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I have some data in Excel file. Numbers in column A are identification numbers. Currently there are duplicates (up to five) of the numbers in the table, because.

Tableau 10.4 came out this week and with it support for linear geometry shapefiles. This feature makes visualizing routing data so much easier and faster.

Apr 13, 2015. Just click the button to turn the data interpreter on and that messy dataset above starts to look pretty nice: Voila! It's so clean!

IntroductionIf you work with large, diverse data sets, you know that there will invariably be noise and erroneous data in the database you are using.

How to create your own Tableau Filled Maps by creating new geographical roles

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Learn how to quickly and accurately bulk realias fields using Data Blending and advanced Grouping features.

Remove Duplicate Consecutive Lines Awk Is there way to delete duplicate lines in a file in Unix? I can do it with sort -u and uniq commands. but I want to use sed or awk. Is that possible? Hello, I'm trying to remove the duplicate consecutive lines with specific. awk 'NR ==1{print;last=$0;next} ($0 != last){print} {last=$0}' Input_file. Remove duplicates values

Excel data is often formatted for human consumption in Excel. Extraneous headers, crosstabs, footnotes—all of these things have to be tediously removed prior to.

Clean Your Excel Data with the Data Interpreter | Tableau Public – May 25, 2016. We'll start with marital data from the Department of Defense, and I'll show you how quickly we can clean this crosstab for Tableau analysis,

May 22, 2016. How many times have you looked for that silver-bullet tool to solve all the data- quality issues we encounter in almost every data set?